How Great Lighting Can Help Sell Your Home

One of the first things you real estate agent will do when they prepare to show your home is to snap open the drapes and blinds and turn on every light in the house. This is because, according to Valley real estate broker James Red with The Winston Group, one of the most important features that sell homes is lighting. 

"Great lighting can help sell a house, and may make a buyer choose your home over several others," he told us. "My neighbor just did an outdoor lighting package, and it looks great at night."

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Never let them see flickering:

First, go around and replace all burned out bulbs. If a fixture isn’t working, have it repaired before you show This is also a good time to make sure lights are at their maximum safe wattage and that the windows are clean. 

The entryway: 

The foyer is the first look area of the house. Think of it as your home’s smile, and make sure the lighting highlights the entryway in a dramatic, exciting way. 

The kitchen:

There are those who believe that people buy the kitchen with a house attached. Regardless of whether you feel this way or not, it can’t be overemphasized how important quality lighting is in the kitchen area. Under-cabinet lighting makes the kitchen counter easier to use. Drop lighting or other task area lighting makes the kitchen areas more functional and welcoming.

Hit the highlights:

Your home's more unique or interesting features should be highlighted with focal lighting. Lights will draw a buyer’s attention more emphatically than a real estate agent pointing it out since our eyes are better buyers than our ears.

Recessed lighting, track lighting, or other dramatic effect options will draw your buyer and hold their attention.

Security and safety with outdoor lighting:

During the day, no one will notice them, but security renovations pull the highest return on your investment of any single upgrade money can buy.



Well-lit--or not:

Nothing says ‘creepy’ like a darkened hallway, no matter how beautiful the rest of your home. Conversely, nothing says, ‘insomnia’ like glaring, ugly fluorescent tube lights in the bedroom.  If the bathroom makes a buyer look unattractive in the mirror, they will walk away. The key is to stage each room with appropriate lighting for that area. 

If you are planning on selling your home, and need help updating your lighting or repairing what you already have, give us a call.  We would be happy to help you get the maximum resale value out of your home with your lighting.

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