Automation in Home Technology

Every home has gone through our fair share of issues when it comes to home electrical systems. These problems are understandable given the large number of switches, circuit breakers, and lines running through our walls. Depending on the period of initial construction, our electrical systems still require attention and some or a lot of hands-on effort. But today’s technology has simplified things to such an extent where everything is automated, and with the right choices, complete home automation is a real-world possibility.



LED was a game-changing technology in the world of lighting systems. The development of LEDs, along with other electronic components, led automation to become economically practical to use in ordinary homes. The initial surge can be traced back to even before the beginning of this decade when voice-controlled technologies bloomed, and automation proved possible. Recently, we have moved a step further, to the point where our requirements are being predicted by technology as we go.


The advancements in home lighting automation right now are simple, elegant and practical. All light sources in your entire house can be controlled by a central system which may or may not include your smart home integrators. Motion sensors record your movement and efficiently line up the required lighting. Once you leave the room all lights--unless otherwise specified--will be turned off automatically.

Remote control

It’s now possible to control your power outlets remotely, just like we all wanted to as kids: it is now within grasp. But most importantly, the millions of dollars wasted each day because of the use of incandescent bulbs and inefficient control systems has the potential to be a thing of the past.


Wise investment

Even after considering the higher initial cost of investment required for home automation, it is a bargain in the long run. Automation of our lighting systems changes our old, high power consuming bulbs and neon lights to energy-efficient LEDs which last much longer and are far more efficient than other conventional choices, thus eliminating the necessity of reinvesting in the same system regularly.

Less waste

Because of automation, energy waste will be dramatically cut as there will be no mistakes contributing to the cost of energy daily. The power consumed by LEDs is only a fraction of the energy consumed by traditional lighting, not to mention the unparalleled control over the illumination of your home. It could be changed every minute, or could be set according to your mood. More promising technologies are overwriting voice commands in automation.

Future Smart home

If all these are not enough, automation could easily lead to significant simplification of the process involved in converting your home to a smart home. Solar panels along with Energy Star equipment integrated with the automated home lighting system could transform your life. Every electronic gadget in your home could have a central system of control; you could program your coffee to be ready before you even walk into the kitchen. The security advancements possible to your home are also vast and diversified. Automation could make your life easier--and a lot more fun! Contact us for details.

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