Fun with Fall Lighting


Fall brings changing leaves, crisp, frosty mornings, and a hint of woodsmoke in the air. Unless you live in the Valley, in which case, the onset of fall is heralded by more hot weather. Also, pumpkin spice everything, and Halloween decorations getting shoved into the back aisle to make way for the Christmas decor in the discount stores. 

We have long known that most of the feeling of the fall season is created by shorter days, and our efforts to create the atmosphere. Fall lighting is an excellent way to convey the mood of the autumn season, even without traditional red leaves and early morning frost. Here are some of the ways to use lighting to create a fall feeling:


Hanging lights

Whether you love Moroccan type lanterns or more modern pendant hanging lights, they all scream fall. Dressing up the patio or porch with hanging lanterns says, “It sure is getting dark early!” in style. They offer soothing tranquility that a security floodlight can’t match. There are almost as many types of hanging lights as there are personalities who will enjoy them.

String lights


String lights signal cooler evenings for enjoying the outdoors. You can choose sparkling strands to hang in trees, the larger globe or industrial bulb strands, or string lights like this maple leaf garland. Cheating, but utterly charming. The essential factor is that the lighting should be appropriately weatherproof.

Glass lanterns


Traditional glass lantern lighting, particularly in brass and copper, are becoming more popular as patio options. These lanterns are reminiscent of an age gone by and bring a feeling of nostalgia as well as beautiful lighting. 

All of these lighting options are fun and will certainly dress up your property. But, they shouldn’t be added at the expense of security lighting, pathway lighting, or accent lighting. Instead, they should be added to enhance the mood and feeling of fall, one which we are all looking forward to with enthusiasm.

Do you want help adding fun fall lighting to your property to increase the ambiance? Or maybe you need to renovate or add to your security, pathway, or accent lighting. If so, why not schedule a consultation? We can help you create a safe, harmonious lighting scheme for your entire outdoors. 

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