Spring Electrical Rejuvenation

Now that spring is here, we’re all breathing a sigh of relief that winter is over and we can get back to our long days, shorts and flip-flops, and swimming pool fun. But, right before that happens, let’s take a stroll around the house because Spring is the perfect time for electrical upgrades and repairs. It only takes a few minutes to create a list, and advance planning will offer the best value in terms of coupling jobs together to save on costs. 

 This type of lighting is still incredibly popular.

This type of lighting is still incredibly popular.

So, we’ve listed some of the most common requests for you to consider as you walk around to assess your current electrical needs.


During your assessment, be sure to note any electrical outlets or fixtures which need to be repaired. These repairs can often be easily fit into an electrical upgrade plan without requiring an additional service call. That means your home will be in peak condition without a hefty additional cost.

Extra Outlets

Adding outlets is a popular request, both because we use many more electrical appliances than we used to, and also because sometimes a builder simply didn’t add enough outlets, or outlets in the locations we need them.



Add/move a ceiling light or fan

This is another upgrade which greatly depends on the needs and lifestyle of the homeowner. Often these upgrades include smart appliances, such as fans, which can be operated from a phone.

Add new fixtures

As the world becomes smarter, we get more and more requests for security doorbells, security lighting, Smart hubs, and other home automation integration requests. The electrical savings as a result of installing these features frequently pay for our service cost in a surprisingly short time--and the savings continue long afterward.

Recessed/LED lighting

Current lighting technology and styles have simply exploded. The features and savings are phenomenal, and many of our customers are taking advantage of them while enjoying the layered lighting look that has become so popular. Under-counter lighting is another oft-requested upgrade.

Electrical panel upgrades


This is a popular option for older homes, when new home buyers are savvy, upscale energy consumers with a number of electronic gadgets and a willingness to buy more to suit their lifestyle.

Outdoor upgrades

Security lighting, ambiance lighting, automated lighting, poolside lighting, and security cameras are all high on the list of items homeowners frequently request, and with good reason: this type of upgrade adds lasting value to the home while providing an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Once you assemble your home electrical needs list, give us a call and we’ll help you make the most of your electrical usage so your home will come alive this Spring.

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