Your Family and Electrical Dangers

They trust you be safe and to keep them safe.

They trust you be safe and to keep them safe.

Every now and then we hear through the news about a horrific shock or burn as the result of an electrical mishap. There are about 30,000 instances of nonfatal shocks a year reported in the U.S. alone. The statistic alone is an excellent reason to teach your family about electrical safety and practice it diligently.

Wall sockets

In a child's eyes, the wall socket is the perfect blend of convenience and intrigue. It is right at their level, down there with the chair legs and dog bowl. (Which is also interesting!) It has tiny holes which they've seen Mom us to stick things in, and then they remember that fork or pair of tweezers in the bathroom which will fit perfectly.

  • If you want to keep your children safe from sticking things in electrical outlets, these outlet covers are a pretty good option. For best results, have your electrician install them.

  • Toddlers also chew or bite electrical cords and extension cords. Keep electrical cords and extension cords away from where toddlers can reach them.

  • Small appliances and small children are a poor mix, especially around water, not just because of electrocution dangers, but also burns.

  • 70% of child-related electrical accidents happen at home where adult supervision is present.

  • Older children and adolescents endanger themselves through exploration of power towers, transformers, and electric train rails.

  • Job-related electrical accidents and do-it-yourself home electrical repairs are additional dangers adult family members may face.


Talk to family members of all ages about electrical hazards. In addition, it’s important to read the instructions that come with appliances, and teach children to read them, as well.

Adult supervision

Nothing beats the watchful eye of Mom and Dad around electrical hazards, cords and small appliances. It is hard to watch children around the clock, but parents are the first line of defense in electrical safety monitoring. Even an iPad charger halfway plugged in can shock tiny fingers. Do not allow small children access to these plugs.  


A frayed cord or scorch marks are signs of an electrical hazard and should be dealt with immediately. If an appliance gives off an odd or unusual odor, turn it off and unplug the device.
Mobile phone charger fires are common because some chargers aren’t designed to stop when the mobile device is fully charged.


Don’t forget to call a certified, trained electrician for those home electrical jobs.  We’re trained and have the right tools and equipment.

If you need a highly-reviewed, licensed electrician in the Phoenix Valley area to install new wall sockets, or any other electrical needs, call Efficient Electric at 623-900-1461.