Today we are going to look at last minute holiday decorations. As electricians, we are particularly cheered by this festive use of lights among homeowners. But, toward the end of November, many people found themselves particularly busy with work or other commitments, or couldn't seem to get in the holiday spirit. Then the first week of December arrives, and suddenly, people can’t decorate fast enough. Except it’s the weekend and they’ve got shopping to do.


Last minute holiday lights

Today we are going to review the Star Shower Laser Light ($49.99 Retail, available at Ace Hardware Stores for $15.95-24.95 on sale).

If you can only do one single holiday decoration, and don’t have time to do more than run an extension cord out to the front yard, the Star Shower Laser Light is your answer. The hypnotic red and green twinkling laser lights will spin and dance all over the front of your house.

The process

Leigh Pelton, a retired engineer from Honeywell, recently purchased a Star Shower Laser Light and mounted the light portion on the indoor base mount, which she installed in her front yard. The system came with a stake, which she eschewed.

“This is Arizona. Digging up the ground enough to drive a six-inch stake in the caliche soil here would take me until New Year’s,” she said. Well said, Ms. Pelton.

One outdoor extension cord later, the choices are as follows: red and green lights, vs. green only, and moving versus non-moving lights. Ms. Pelton chose the red and green combo and the moving light display. The light can be aimed in any direction at different angles. This one was directed to hit the front of the house so it would shine onto the recessed part of the house front as well as into the master bedroom suite.

The result was instant and gratifying

Neighbors began to knock on her door with invitations for libations and to ask where she purchased the light. Passerby cars slowed to watch the mesmerizing light display. The master bedroom ceiling sparkled with thousands of twinkling red and green pin lights.

“It’s like sleeping in a Christmas tree,” Ms. Pelton commented in a follow-up conversation.

The unit ‘falls asleep’ during the day, which is to say that it shuts off when the sky is light enough.

Some warnings

  • The cord on this unit is very short, about six inches long. It requires an extension cord.

  • Never look directly into the laser lights.

  • If you live in an area where a base is unsuitable, such as on a hill, the unit comes with a stake you can insert in the ground.

  • Never leave lights or light displays out after New Year's Day. Not only will it annoy the neighbors, but cords can be chewed by vermin, run over by a lawn mower, or otherwise become a hazard.

We hope this information helps anyone who is in the market for something last minute in the way out outdoor holiday decorations. If you are having an electrical issue, or we can help you with an outlet, wiring, or fuse box issue, give us a call!

Happy holidays, everyone!

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