TrickleStar Energy Monitor Program

TrickleStar® energy monitors are provided to libraries for patron use courtesy of SRP's Energy Analyzer Program.

Do you want to know how much energy that old freezer in the garage is using? Or what the electric fireplace is costing you to run? Well, now you can. As part of a program sponsored by Salt River Project, various libraries throughout the Phoenix and the Valley, including branches of the Phoenix, Peoria, and Mesa Libraries have an ongoing program called the TrickleStar Energy Program. It allows patrons to borrow a TrickleStar® Plug-in Energy Monitor. With this device, a homeowner can track the usage patterns of various electronics and household appliances in their home.

Who can borrow one and how?


Library patrons can borrow one of the monitors from their local library. (Surprise residents can borrow one from the Peoria Sunrise branch library with a library card.) The checkout term is three weeks, which should give a user plenty of time to check all of their appliances and devices and see what they cost to run. As some folks have

The unit displays consumption in watts, cost, and CO2 by day, month, year. You can change the price to reflect what your cost is at that time of the day.

A list of all places where people can borrow a the monitors is available here; however, it’s best to go on the library’s website to see if they have a monitor on the shelf before heading to the library to borrow one. Some months they’re a popular item, and some months they sit unused.

How does it work?

The monitor comes with instructions and is easy to use. There are also instructions available here.

Just plug it into a household outlet and connect the appliance into the device. It will tell you how much the appliance uses and the cost of the usage. Then you can figure out ways to save energy. Maybe you need to move the freezer into the back room, put a new door seal on it, or even replace it with an Energy Star model. The device does not work on appliances which require 240-volt power outlets, such as dryers and ovens. They are digital but do not have a backlight.

The device comes in this handy box.

The device comes in this handy box.

Educating kids

We’ve talked about kids and electrical safety in a previous blog. This monitor is an exciting way to teach kids about energy consumption and greenhouse emissions in a meaningful way. Teachers who use one of these monitors as part of a classroom demonstration may want to request additional energy information materials here.

These materials are free of charge.

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